Today, I first tried to setup a self hosted container registry but after fumbling around with that for a while and breaking my gitlab several times I gave up trying to make that happen.

Instead, I did some googling and found this nifty blog post for setting up automatic semantic versioning. I decided I wanted to give this a try.

First, I created a new repo under my devember2021 project group, called it ci-scripts, stole what he wrote and took his advice for incorporating it in my workflow. commit 23808871.

In a nutshell, I now have automatic git tag version incrementing in my pipeline. Whenever I do a successful push it will tag it for me, build the production bundle, test it, and then deploy it.

All I have to do is push code.

Here is my gitlab-ci.yml file if anyway wants to check it out or ask me questions.


And on the Version stage this is what happens:

Checkout my app, here.

Devember 2021: Day 1

Devember 2021 day 1. Hello, world!