Cats, kittens, kitty-boos! Everyone can agree that cats are great housemates, and if you can't, bye Felicia! Like, seriously! People that say cats are terrible have either never had small fur babies of their own, or are allergic; and to those that are allergic, I'm so sorry. A cat never lets you forget your daily schedule, (especially when it comes to feeding time!), will snuggle with you can keep you warm (most times), and is a constant source of entertainment. So, why not have a glory post about my fur babies? Yes? Yes!


Asher, being photogenic

This is Asher! Named after the Asscher diamond cut, he was full of energy from day one. Why is he named after a diamond cut, you ask? I adopted him from my boss, and I work in a name brand jewelry store. Asher's story is actually a sad one, because he was fostered by my boss, and he was surrendered to her with his two siblings when they were about two weeks old. His mom and one of his siblings were killed when they were attacked by a dog, hence the surrender. Now he lives the high life, having free roam of our apartment, and playing with his brother, Shadow (and I'll get to him in a moment!), and just being a general cat asshole. See, Asher loves to be around you, including trying to get in the shower with you, and realizing he hates the water (not a one time occurrence...), as well as rubbing up on your hand when you are trying to write. Oh, and anything, and I mean anything that can be knocked over, will be knocked over by Asher; full glasses of water are included in that list.


Shadow, realizing he hates my DSLR

Shadow was a rescue of our own; we adopted him from our local humane society. He was an owner surrender, and luckily we were able to make him a part of our family! Him and Asher took about a week to adjust to each other, but now they are best buddies. They snuggle and beg for food together. And by beg for food together, Shadow screams (he's a loud talker), while Asher just looks cute. They're a dangerous dynamic duo that gets whatever they want, but look at them! Who wouldn't want to give these boys anything they ever wanted?